Professor Shali Wu

A True treasure trove: A Chinese Business Scholar’s Insights about the Chinese Way “The data we collected constitutes a true treasure trove that would otherwise never be accessible to an outsider.” After reading the book from start to finish, I have to say this couldn’t be more true. It’s actually been a few months since I finished the book, thanks to the advance e-copy from the authors. However, the authors’ distinctive methods of gathering the data (like the banquet table in depth interviews with Chinese executives); acute cultural insights (like the Pursuit of Quick Success and Instant Benefits and presumption of untrustworthiness); and timely and updated information (like current Chinese business school faculty salary, the 2014 red bag promotion of WeChat, the WhatsApp equivalent in the US) have all registered in my mind so vividly that it feels as if I just finished reading the book yesterday. I was initially put off by the predictions at the end of each chapter. But by the end I felt it was exactly the short road ahead (future predictions) of each chapter that made me fall into deep reflection. The writing is superb: so many Chinese local expressions are now comprehensible to foreigners. The authors beautifully combine scholarly knowledge with a journalist’s appreciation of revealing details from every aspect of Chinese life. It certainly addresses, from a unique angle, what the rest of the world always asks about China’s recent rise: What does China want? and what is the Chinese way? The book not only presents the Chinese way in 2014 but it certainly helps indicate the direction of the Chinese way in 2020. This informative and insightful book should be on the bookshelf of any businessman who is interested in truly understanding the world’s fastest-rising superpower.



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